The first one to compliment your stylish furnishings? Your walls! The largest surfaces in your home have the greatest potential to accentuate, or clash with,

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Furniture covering, drapes, bedding, accessories and even walls. Fabric applications are limited only by our vision. Fabric will be the primary contributor to the depth,

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Shutters & Blinds

Shutters and blinds…somewhat negative names that suggest blockage and darkness. Your windows deserve better. Seriously, because your windows occupy a significant portion of your wall

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Interior Design

There’s a wide line between advice and guidance. Advice is when your brother-in-law tells you what kind of TV to buy…because he once bought one.

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A gift card?! Really? Perish the thought! Unless your objectives are to come across as lazy and forgetful, you can do much better. How about

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Save time and money ask a professional for advise before you waste time doing a project twice.

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