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There’s a wide line between advice and guidance. Advice is when your brother-in-law tells you what kind of TV to buy…because he once bought one. Guidance is where a knowledgeable, current, proven professional helps you decide your best course of action.

Interior design is no different. Our philosophy is “design first, then decide.” During our in-home visit, you’ll educate us your desired look, feel and color template preferences. We’ll discuss the functionality of the rooms you’re designing…family, entertaining, media, cozy retreat. Your anticipated space planning will be reviewed. And finally, your budget.

Armed with these insights, we’ll pound our drawing board to create your optimum blueprint. Then, we’ll return with a proposed floor plan, fabric samples and internet access to our multiple resources to help you make your design and accessory choices. The end result, a room you can really love!

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Inspiration can come from anything! Texture and Color are the keys to good design!

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