Pinterest…the New Design Resource


What if you could find a trove of great design ideas at one online site. Imagine you could “pin” the ones you like to your page for future reference. How about being able to share them with friends and your interior designer. Conversely, what if your designer could scour the site for you to share postings that meet your design vision. Welcome the world of Pinterest, the new design resource:

With the explosion of social media, it’s difficult to single out sites that best serve a specific purpose. Pinterest has gained rapid acceptance among design professionals and their clients because of its ease of use, breadth of postings and simplified sharing. Anyone in search of that perfect look for their project can scan a huge image inventory of finished rooms, fabrics, furnishings, accessories, floor plans…almost anything involved in the overall design process. This combination of usability and scope have combined to make Pinterest the new design resource.

Pinterest dramatically compresses the planning cycle. It saves time and gas by enabling design seekers to quickly review a wide range of options. Because many of the postings are of completed spaces, they have the ability to see furnishings, colors and textures in “finished” state as opposed to free standing in catalog format. Finally, they can build image inventory on their Pinterest page quickly by letting their friends and designers know they’re on the hunt for unique renovation ideas.

Should you employ Pinterest as a powerful tool in your home upgrade project? Absolutely. Should your designer be doing the same? Unquestionably. Be sure to choose a partner who never stops looking for the most efficient ways to deliver design options for your consideration…one who recognizes Pinterest as the new design resource. View our Pinboard on our website or visit our Pinterest page.