Oysters, oysters, oysters and Southern Design!






Who would ever thought that “Inspiration” could come from the really simple things that our Southern Coastline has… I do.
OYSTERS has been such a great item of discussion in today’s coastal interior homes!
We find in Savannah Georgia that the local oysters are inspiring great local art, lighting, home decor and color.
I have enjoyed seeing what God gives us in everyday exterior beauty inspiring the interior beauty of new design.
Local plantation homes and coastal homes have long loved natural materials and the texture that oyster shells displays. So it is easy to see why we love anything that has an oyster in it!
We love eating them and recycling them into our home decor.
Many oyster lovers will tell you that the Carolina oysters are very different from the Georgia oysters…the difference is very easy to spot.
The Carolina oysters are smaller and grow in clusters where the Georgia oysters are larger in size and heartier! Both size shells make great items to work with.
I believe it is becoming a new art media to work with and sought after.
Please come bye our shop and see some of our one of a kind pieces and support your local artists!
It just might be that perfect pearl in your design!