Maude Hinely comes from a long line of family owned businesses, so Lowcountry Wallcoverings comes as no surprise.

After 16 years of interior design work focused exclusively on builders, Maude anticipated the coming slowdown in new construction. She was determined to maintain a strong presence in the design community. She noted the closing of the only wallpaper store in the area, and quickly identified an underserved market. Lowcountry Wallcoverings opened in Pooler and soon relocated to the commercial hub of Savannah. The store houses thousands of square feet of in-stock wallpaper, fine home gifts, fabric samples, lamps and a complete design studio.

“Wallpaper is making a huge comeback,” she explains. “This trend is highly visible in many of the most stylish interior designs coming on stream.”

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About Us

As a native Southerner, Maude’s shop is filled with unique pineapples, which represent the Southern hospitality. At the front door, you are greeted by At Lowcountry Wallcoverings, pineapples abound, symbolizing southern hospitality. An alligator (stuffed, thankfully) serves as shop doorman. Inside, alligator home gifts and blue crab accessories provide multiple options to accentuate Lowcountry flair.

Maude’s design philosophy is, “It doesn’t matter what budget you have. You can always have a beautiful home you can be proud of.” Her designs consistently demonstrate that “stylish” and “sensible” can go hand in glove.

Maude’s designs are first and foremost individualized. Before she ever puts pen to paper, she meets with the homeowner to learn about their tastes, lifestyle, family and interests. Then she helps them develop their three design lists: must have, wish and taboo. Armed with these insights and a firm budget, she then embarks on her creative exercise to develop the plan that best addresses each of these.

From Tybee to Forsyth Park to the Drayton Tower, Maude’s craft is visible across the region. She continues to focus on residential projects, but ventures into the commercial side on occasion and is particularly proud of her work on the Godley Station Animal Hospital.

Maude is a staunch proponent of Buying Local, particularly in support of women-owned businesses. “I feel it’s important for women to support each other. We can be successful as wives, mothers and career women and have a balanced that allows us to be exceptional women in our community.” Maude is active in Junior League. She is grateful for the success of her new enterprise despite the down economy, and considers it her greatest accomplishment.